In the interim, Hunter, NY is a Beta test city. It has been mapped manually, but using new software through ARCGIS.   See attached psak with appropriate disclaimers, since these were not measured with a wheel by foot, but by satellite views and electronic tools.   For those that will be measuring themselves, note we typically measure slightly short for drawing purposes to allow for error.  Please share your comments.     Thank you in advance.

  • The small boxed in colored areas enclosed by a solid line, are each a separate city with their own Ribuos.  The area outside broken lines with the same color is the Techum boundary squaring it in (4 boxes shaded).
  • The city is split from the Main Bridge (ski area) to the east and west along the main road.  This is because there is an area greater than 70+70 amos between the 2 sides of the city.  We attempted many ways to connect the two sides, but couldn't find a method.  This area can be viewed on any map - from the funeral home to the gas station on its right.
  • We found the areas south and west of the city, Hunter Inn and Scribner Lodge were outside the main city Techum. Their respective Techumim were not large enough to reach the Shul.  
  • With consultation of a Posek we used the tool of Kulsa by way of the city boxed in RED (see page 2) and those staying at HUNTER INN (BLUE) are able to walk to Shul (ad v'ad bchlal), but they should not walk any further. OR better make a shvisa in Shul before Shabbos - see instructions below. Then the main city Techum will more than cover you. This is recommended by the writer.. 
    The Area of Scribner (ORANGE) can not employ Kulsa.  Kulsa must be drawn @90 degrees and Scribner's Ribuah cannot accommodate. As a result, the people staying at Scribner Lodge need to make a Shvisa before Shabbos if they want to walk to Shul on Shabbos. - see instructions below. Then the main city Techum will more than cover you. This is highly recommended by the writer.. 
    The area of Liftside (PINK) has a shaaleh of being in the main city Techum or its own. As such those staying there could make a shvisa in Shul to solve all problems without a bracha, or use its own Techum.
    The Highland Area Units (PURPLE)-  You can reach Shul and the Rav's house within your own Techum. PLEASE print out the map and become familiar where your Techum ends on Main street and the areas to the east for your Shabbos shpraztirs. OR make a shvisa in Shul before Shabbos -see instructions below.  Then the main city Techum will more than cover you. This is recommended by the writer.        



Hunter- The CIty            ​


Scribner  Lodge    ​ -- CANNOT REACH SHUL ON SHABBOS - make a shvisa

MId City btwn the Bridge and Scribner we call Kalsa   -   - IS FINE

HIghland Rentals    - REACHES SHUL, But has limitations - see map

Liftside Rentals      - IS FINE, but probably should make a shvisa- see above comments

See Page 2 for halachos in a Rush to make

your own Shvisa in Shul.  OR Instructions for

a communal Techum eruv are being prepared.

Please come back to the site before Shabbos

for instruction,or stop at the Rav's House.

Each map can be zoomed in

for specific street locations.

Link to PSAK from Rabbi Gorelick, Shlita 

Improve your crop of Shabbos- understanding how far you can walk is part of Yahadus.  

Techum Shabbos

We at are embarking on another dimension to mapping the Techum. We believe there is enough technology to use the USGS maps, google street view and city municipal maps for 'almost automated Techum calculations.'  Of course, human review will be necessary by a qualified trained person.   Our vision is to allow anyone to input an address and a map will be generated.  The technology allows specific programming according the Techum rules to calculate.  We are exploring some of these programs. If you have good comprehension skills & are comfortable using a computer, then this could be a great project for you.   If you would like to participate please contact us. Updated July 27, 2017 Erev Shabbos P' Devorim